Consent Text

The information I have notified personally, that I have given in writing with this form, and but not with these All the personal data I have provided to you in any way without being limited to; 6563 No. Within the scope of the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, for informative purposes such as campaigns and discounts and Havaist A.Ş and its group companies, business partners, all the institutions it works with 6698 In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law ("Law"), creating a sales history, invoice to create, issue invoices, deliver products, send e-invoices, send newsletters, To inform about promotion and other various campaigns, to make marketing communication, processing for customer analysis, increasing customer loyalty and similar purposes. the realization of the subject data processing purposes and Havaist A.Ş principles, operations, processes, goals. and to ensure that Havaist's rights, interests and reputation are carried out in accordance with its strategies. processing, use, and if deemed necessary, all Havaist Anonim The company with its affiliates only required for the purpose of data processing and / or archiving purpose and the transfer of the service provided under the circumstances required by Havaist A.Ş. and its affiliates Third party business when required by principles, operations, processes, goals and strategies partners, service / support / consultancy received or collaborated, or project / program / public / private institutions and organizations / companies, suppliers, all Havaist A.S. partners of affiliates, company officials, banks, funds, companies and other third parties to be shared with people or organizations; (i) learning whether my personal data has been processed, (ii) if my personal data has been processed, to request information about it, (iii) to process my personal data learning the purpose and whether my data is used for the purpose, (iv) my personal data learning the third parties to whom it is transferred and (v) if my personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed to request their correction and to third parties to whom my personal data have been transferred and (vi) the loss due to the processing of my personal data contrary to the Law I give express consent, provided that I reserve my right to claim compensation in the event that I am incurred. I accept and declare what I give.