Children up to 5 years old (5 years and above are subject to a fee.) and first degree relatives of martyrs and veterans can use our vehicles free of charge.

By means of our disabled transportation vehicles, we take our disabled passengers from the closest stop to them and provide transportation to Istanbul Airport. Our disabled passengers are required to contact us at least 6 hours before their flight. Our contact number: 0 850 888 33 34

There is no way for our passengers to travel without a mask on vehicles. Social distance rules are complied during baggage delivery and retrieval as well as getting on and off the vehicle. Hands are absolutely disinfected during boarding.

You can pay by credit or debit card on vehicles or make online payment with QR code received on Havaist app. You can also pay cash at cash payment points when you land at the airport.

Yes, our vehicles are regularly disinfected after each time.

Our vehicles depart from on the -2 floors of the arrival passenger boarding platforms at Istanbul Airport.

Pets such as cats, dogs (excluding those presenting danger) and birds (goldfinches, budgerigars or canaries) with vaccination records can also be carried on the lap of the animal owner or in front of the seat in addition to the section for carrying luggage provided that their special cage is locked.

In terms of passenger safety, it is not recommended to consume any food other than water in the bus due to our procedures.

Due to the fact that there is no bicycle apparatus in the vehicle, bicycles are not accepted in our vehicles.

Free baggage allowance for our passengers is 2 (two) luggages on condition that they do not exceed 30 kg. Using more than 2 pieces of luggage is subject to an additional charge.

We have a "Lost Property" office at the airport. By calling our 24/7 open lost property office, you can have your lost items checked on our vehicles. Our contact numbers: 0 850 888 33 34 or 0 538 231 74 83

Yes, you can use the ticket you created in both directions on the relevant line. For example, you bought a ticket for Bakırköy-Istanbul Airport. Only Bakırköy-Istanbul Airport is written on the ticket. This ticket is also valid in the direction of Istanbul Airport-Bakırköy and you can use it.

There is no reservation process for our vehicles. You can use the ticket you created for 30 days, valid only on the line you choose. The validity period of the QR code generated in return for the balance uploaded to the account of the users via the www.hava.ist website and the havaist mobile application is 30 days. QR codes that are not used within 30 days lose their validity. Even if one stop has not been traveled, the ticket fee cannot be refunded.

Students studying in Turkey can use our vehicles at a discount. Students who want to take advantage of the discount, after completing the membership process from the https://hava.ist/tr/User/Register link on our website, log in to our hava.ist website and upload documents from the 'Student and Disability Status Document' tab in the 'My Profile' section. After the document checks, applicants who meet the appropriate conditions will be able to use our vehicles at a discount. Student Discount Terms and conditions • Passengers between the ages of 12-25 can benefit from the student discount. • Only students studying in Turkey can benefit from the discount.

Our disabled citizens can use our vehicles with a 40% discount. Disabled citizens who want to take advantage of the discount, after completing the membership process on our website https://hava.ist/tr/User/Register, log in to our hava.ist website and upload documents from the 'Student and Disability Status Document' tab in the 'My Profile' section. Disabled Passenger Discount Terms and conditions • Citizens who have a health board report of at least 40% or higher disability status from State Hospitals or State University Hospitals that are authorized to issue a “Disabled Health Board Report” have the right to use it.

We kindly ask you not to leave your valuables with you during your journey in case of any negative situation that may occur on our buses. We would like to remind you that we are in no way responsible for the valuables in the luggage that is forgotten or lost in our buses. Based on the statement, "The Carrier shall not be liable for damage or loss of valuables, money, valuable papers and other documents that were not declared at the time of delivery," stated in Article 786 of the Turkish Commercial Code, Havaist cannot be held responsible in any way for forgotten or lost items in our vehicles. We present it to your information, thank you for your sensitivity.

To the attention of our dear guests; Only 5 TL and 10 TL banknotes are valid as banknotes in our food and beverage vending machines. Only coins or debit/credit cards are accepted for water supply from our vending machines. For your safety, it is strongly requested to use our food and beverage vending machines when the vehicle is not in motion. We present it to your information and wish you a pleasant journey.

Please note that according to the Public Transport Law, you have to have your ticket with you during the trip.

We send our Disabled Service Vehicle to the nearest stop if our physically handicapped passengers inform us 6 hours before their Istanbul Airport transportation. Passengers who want to use our Accessible Transportation Vehicles can contact us via our call center.

It is strictly forbidden to take and leave passengers outside the stops in our vehicles due to travel safety. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant journey.