Found Property Directive

Purpose and Scope

ARTICLE 1 - The purpose of this Directive is to use the service buildings of Havaist Enterprises, buses, stops and to be applied to items found at their stations and delivered to the authorities; recording, storage, delivery to the owner, disposal, donation and auction method, to regulate the procedures and principles of realization.


ARTICLE 2-This directive is based on the relevant provisions of the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721. has been prepared.


ARTICLE 3- In this Directive;

a. Found Item:

Located in the Havaist Enterprise central building, in the bus, stops and stations, and to the authorities unclaimed property delivered,

b. Found Property Registration Staff:

By recording the unowned property delivered to him through software and by recording the accumulated the person responsible for sending the items to the Found Items Center at regular intervals,

c. Found Item Center:

The classification, storage and ownership of the goods received from the Airport Unit Registration Personnel of the Found Goods the unit that carries out the transactions related to delivery, destruction, grant and sales,

D. Found Authority:

Expressing the person who is jointly responsible for the items coming from the Found Goods Airport Unit. does.

Delivery, Storage and Classification Operations

Registering Found Items

ARTICLE 4- The Found Goods Registration Personnel in charge of the Found Property Airport unit is online By logging into our system, which can be tracked with user names, you can save the found item, quality Registration to the system based on its location and time according to its features and by taking photos does.

Sending the Found Item to the Center

ARTICLE 5 - Found Goods Registration Staff, also employed at the Found Goods Airport unit Items registered in the online system by the Center, in the absence of the owner, 'Send to Center' button on our online system according to the schedule determined by are capitalized and transferred to the Center and the goods are actually transferred to the center via courier. sent.

Receiving the Found Goods

ARTICLE 6- By the Found Goods Registration Personnel in charge of the Found Goods Airport unit The items sent to the Found Item Center and the list of items sent to the Center through the system is compared. If there is no missing item, the items will be removed by the Founded Authority. received. The list of found items, arranged in two copies, was signed, and one of them was found. It is delivered to the courier who brings the item to stay in the airport unit and the other is Found Goods. The center is put on the receipt of the relevant month.

Storing the Found Item


a. For the currencies and currencies found, login to our online system is done daily and at checkout is preserved. At the end of the month, with the money found by converting the currencies into Turkish Lira It is submitted to the Corporate Accounting Unit with an official letter and is also deducted from the system.

b. Securities such as jewelery, stocks, checks are kept in a steel safe and 9 months have passed since then, jewelry items operating in the provincial boundaries of Istanbul. To receive offers from jewelery shopkeepers and to be exchanged in Turkish Lira from the most suitable offer. The money obtained by means of this is sent to the Corporate Accounting Unit. It is deducted from the system.

c. Received items are processed in our system based on the day they arrive and placed on the shelves. Items that cannot be delivered to their owner after a two-month waiting period are removed to the warehouse.

Disposal of Found Items


a. Items that do not comply with the storage conditions coming to the Found Item Center can be spoiled immediately. Materials such as foodstuffs, chemical products and medicines were used for 1 day. and smelling clothing items are kept for five days, after which the owner does not come out. in case it is destroyed by the authorities. In addition, it is deducted from the system as "Destruction".

b. Identity card coming to the Found Item Center, not owned and waiting for 5 working days, Documents such as driver's license, license, passport, residence permit are sent to the relevant Institutions. It is deducted from the system as "destruction".

c. Tobacco, tobacco products, ethyl alcohol, methanol and alcoholic products are stored for 1 month. Products that are not received at the end of a month are destroyed.

Third part

Delivering Found Item to Its Owner


a. Inside the goods arriving at the Goods Found Airport unit or the Found Property Center If contact information is available, the relevant person is informed about the appropriate means and the items a report is made and delivered to its owner.

b. Call Center 0850 888 33 34, Found Item Form and various communication channels The necessary checks from the system for our passengers who apply to our Administration regarding the lost property. After it is made, information is given about the status of the goods.

c. We would like to remind you that we are in no way responsible for the valuables in the luggage that is forgotten or lost in our vehicles. Based on the statement, "The Carrier shall not be liable for the damage or loss of valuables, money, valuable papers and other documents that were not declared at the time of delivery," stated in Article 786 of the Turkish Commercial Code, Havaist cannot be held responsible in any way for items that are forgotten or lost in our vehicles.


There is an item similar to the properties of the item lost by the applicant if detected, identifying characteristics (color, size, etc.) of the item, date of disappearance, place Such descriptive information is asked without showing the item.

a. If it is determined by the authorities that the found item belongs to the applicant, the item It is delivered by taking a copy of the passenger's ID with a report and as "Delivery to Owner" necessary actions are taken.

b. Property found belonging to people whose residence is outside of Istanbul is the first degree of the owner of the property. Identity card of the owner of the relatives and a photocopy of the identity card of the person who came to take delivery It is delivered within the rules above. Money and valuable papers are just delivered to its owner.

Liquidation of Found Goods (Free Transfer, Sale)


Items that cannot be delivered to the owner, destruction after certain waiting periods, free transfer or is liquidated through auction sale.

Free Transfer of Found Items


a. Items that have not been owned by the Found Item Center and have been waiting for three months (clothing, bag, book, stationery material, stroller, etc.) in line with the demands of the Turkish Red Crescent It is donated free of charge.

b. Objects found related to education can be transferred to State schools free of charge upon request. can be donated. Items transferred free of charge are transferred from the system as "Free Transfer" deducted.

c. After the driver's license, identity card and passports are kept for 5 working days, they are sent to the relevant institutions. submitted with official letter. Driving licenses and T.C. passports to the Provincial Police Department, population passports of Turkish citizens will be sent to the nearest district Population Directorate. Passports and residence permits of foreign nationals to the Ministry of Interior It is sent to the General Directorate of Provincial Immigration Administration. Related items are transferred from the system as "Free Transfer" deducted.

D. Weapons and magazines delivered to the Found Goods Airport Unit and the Found Property Center, bullets, drugs, etc. The products are sent to the Istanbul Provincial Police Department. Related items is deducted from the system as "Free Transfer".

Sales Transactions of Found Goods


Of the items in the found item storage and not owned;

a. Usable and valuable electronic items (laptop, tablet, PC, pocket phone, camera, etc.), it is stored for one year from the moment it is found, and at the end of one year After their evaluations are made under the supervision of the commission, they are put up for sale through auction tender procedure. is presented.

b. Commission; Legal Counsel, Operations Manager, Human Resources Staff, Customer service It consists of a staff and a member of the board of directors and five members.

c. Goods are counted first by the Commission and separated according to their types and conformity to records. The sales price of the goods is determined by conducting market research.

D. The commission decides whether the items will be tendered individually or in groups. In case of a group bidding, the group price is determined.

e. The announcement is made on the corporate website and social media accounts at least thirty days before the auction day.

f. Sales are made by auction method in front of all participants in accordance with the procedure. performed and recorded with a report. The items that are sold are sent from the system. Sales via ”.

g. No one of the commission members can directly or indirectly participate in the tender.

Environment and OHS Measures


a. Havaist Taşımacılık Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ. Destruction under the Waste Management Procedure (14PR02) The items to be made shall be considered as Domestic Solid Waste.

General Provisions, Enforcement, Execution


a. Havaist personnel must ensure that the goods that reach their side and are within the scope of found goods are complete and has to deliver it to the relevant officials on time.

b. Jewelry, money, precious Personnel working here are responsible for documents and other items.

c. The damages that may occur due to not taking action in accordance with the principles of this Directive recourse is collected.