Our Policy


In order to continue to be a leader and pioneering company in the Airport and Tourism Transportation sector and to reach our goals and strategies,

✓ While carrying out our road transport activities, taking into account the expectations of our customers and all related parties, to continuously improve all our processes and to be the most preferred organization in the sector,

✓ To be a leading company in the sector, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to follow technological developments closely and to provide appropriate infrastructure and resources,

✓ Based on rapid communication, teamwork and innovation,

✓ To organize training activities in order to increase awareness about Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management systems, to reach our goals, to inform our employees about their responsibilities regarding systems and to increase their competencies,

✓ To act in accordance with the legal conditions and other specified conditions,

✓ To provide a safe working environment by taking the necessary actions and ensuring their effectiveness to prevent work accidents, injuries and occupational diseases,

✓ To eliminate dangers and reduce OHS risks by determining occupational health and safety hazards and risks,

✓ Consulting employees on occupational health and safety issues and ensuring their participation,

✓ To determine and control important environmental aspects by taking the life cycle approach into consideration, to take actions to prevent adverse environmental effects, to protect the environment and to prevent pollution,

✓ To set an example for the society with company activities by acting with the awareness of social responsibility,

✓ To ensure the security of the information of our company and all our stakeholders; WE ARE COMMITTED to manage the risk and to keep business continuity at the highest possible level by preventing violations accordingly.